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PANDORA'S MOON - Astrology for Freedom

Astrologist  - KIM TENNANT

Kim is a professional Astrologist of more than 20 years. Discover through an Astrology Reading and a combination of your Natal Chart and Annual Update the insights to the patterns and themes playing out throughout your life.

PH:  0402 645 774



Reiki Healing and Psychic Medium

Anthea is a Psychic Medium and can give you clarity and guidance to what's is ahead for you, she has a deep connection with Angels and spirits. Anthea' can connect with your loved ones passed to receive messages and guidance specifically for you.   Anthea is a caring, understanding & gentle soul passionate about Reiki Energy Healing. As a certified Reiki Practitioner in the lineage of Gendai Reiki Ho she will guide you through your journey of angel assisted healing. 

Anthea is also a Certified Angel Guide who trained under Kyle Gray, a spiritual teacher based in the UK.  Anthea will invite Angels in to assist with your reading and healing and pass on any guidance they may bring to your session.


Renata Daniel

Newcastle Ghost Tours, Frightfully Good

Renata offers a unique insights to the Paranormal and is a Psychic, Medium, Occultist, Paranormal Researcher, Master Tarot Card Reader, Workshop host and Guest Speaker. With a vast knowledge of the spirit world Renata can offer tours and history for the ghost enthusiasts, insights with life directs and guidance and mentoring with many magic elements combined.

PH:  0411 357 519


OzPara Tech

Paranormal Investigators Store

Australia's largest supplier of Paranormal Equipment online.

Offering equipment, workshops, education, tours and paranormal experiences throughout the world. 

PH:  0408 490 773

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