All services at Witch & Willow are to assist a person to gain insight into their personal life. 

Psychic readings are subject to interpretation and should not be taken as absolute.  A reading is never 100% accurate. All readings given by Witch & Willow are for general consultation, and no guarantee can be given as to the accuracy of a reading. Readings do not replace Professional Medical/Legal/Business opinion and advice. Please seek the assistance of a qualified licensed practitioner within the appropriate field. It will not force you to follow a particular course of action, or attempt to exert any form of control over your free-will and common sense.

The contents of a reading are not legally binding.  Any decisions made, or actions taken by you as a result of your reading are your sole responsibility and have not been forced upon you. Witch & Willow [including but not limited to: the proprietor, staff, psychic mediums, clairvoyants, holistic and well-being consultants]  assume no legal liability for any damages, losses, or other consequences of any client decisions, subsequent to, or based on readings provided.  Please use your own common sense and judgment at all times. It is only with the complete understanding and acceptance of the above that your reading will take place.

All information provided on this site and instore is at the customers discretion and free will to determine if any of the products, services or information provided will best assist them.