Renata Daniel

I am a Master tarot reader with 40 years of continued study in the art of intuitive tarot interpretation as well as 30 years of experience in delivering readings to the general public in Australia and overseas. I read my tarot cards to focus my psychic abilities of clairvoyance and clairsentience. I interpret the tarot reading spreads that I lay out for you depending on what you have come to seek answers for.

The more prepared you can be for your tarot reading the more effective your answers will be. I do not like to waste time, either yours nor mine – therefore look at your session as having an intimate conversation with your conscience.

Think about what you want to ask. It’s important that we can go straight into working for your best interest and outcome. I work with magickal thinking and believe that we can all aim to the be very best that we can be.

Tarot insights are truly a gift to work with and share.

"I have had a very long apprenticeship of over 45 years in psychic development! I have earned my lessons the hard way, through living a full life, with all the normal ups and downs, and challenges that face us all".