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What to Expect from a Psychic Medium Spiritual Guidance Reading

What is the difference between a Psychic and a Medium?

All Mediums are Psychics…not all Psychics are Mediums.

In the same way that all Surgeons are Doctors but not all Doctors will go on to be Surgeons. A Psychic tunes into the “aura” or “energy field” of the person that they are reading for, to gather information, while a Medium can also do this…a Medium is also able to tune into the energy field of a person no longer in the physical body. 

It is important to come to the reading with an open mind. If you would like to receive the best reading and experience possible, it is a good idea to have a few questions ready to begin with or specify a focus for your reading. Your focus may be current life issues of love, health or work for example, or to connect with loved ones on the spirit side but once we begin, please allow for Spirit to guide the reading and the process. The Medium cannot control the spirit world and neither can you.


The most important thing to remember about this process is that the spirit world does not yield to the rules and laws of reason and logic that we live by here in the Physical world. It is very important to be “open” to whomever and whatever information comes through. Our Readers trust their ability and  trust that whatever and whomever comes through, It is, what is most important for our client to hear at this time in their life. A message that seems unimportant at the time of the reading will often have major significance in the future – Please keep an open mind and hold on to it!


Can I Ask Questions?

Absolutely, Yes! Think of it as if the reader is the translator, delivering information back and forth between you, spirit, and your guides as if it was translating from one language to another. 

Please also understand that many times delivering information and messages is not something Readers personally understand. This information is related to your situation in life, for example. Some of the information may be out of a readers personal scope of understanding or knowledge and with that said, our Readers will do their best to describe to you the nature of what is being shown or described by your loved one or guides. There is no need to offer long stories or to give me information, but you may need to validate what is being described or help clarify the nature of the information that is being received. The Readers job is to deliver the messages from your loved ones and guides as clearly and accurately as they can to you, and may not always understand what the message means…but you will.

Come prepared!

Ask Questions? Ask for extra clarity if unsure? Don't dismiss ANY information. It may not make sense in that moment but it will. Don't make a quick assumptions of the information it may just be something quite different that you wont get until later on. Keep an open mind! Bring a Note book and Pen to write information down, Bring a recording device to listen back on later when you are more relaxed and able to think clearly. Do a quick research of Family names, dates or heritages, who knows.. it may just be connected to Uncle Freddy in Scotland. You don't have to know everything but it can help if you have some basics.

Tuning Into Spirit Information.

When a reader is able to “hear” names, or words, please keep in mind that they are not hearing them with their ears as we hear you.
We are “hearing” them in thought. Names of people, places, nicknames and sometimes even pet’s names. A times what is heard is crystal clear and can translate exactly the name being heard. However some times, such as in the case of a nickname, pets name, name in another language, or some funny little made up name the family used, The Reader may not hear the word exactly especially if the name is not familiar. For example, the first letter could be off, but it will sound very much like what is being said. The reader may not be sure if they are hearing “Mickey” or “Nicky”, “Mary Lou” or “Mary Louise” or a version of a name like: Michael, Mike, Mikey or Miguel (if Spanish). Work with the reader here please, this is not as exact and clear some times as conversation in the physical world.

How Does Is the Information Passed On?

Every Reader is different in their ability and skill set. Each Reader will have their own unique way of decoding the information from loved ones or guides. One thing all Readers have in common is that to receive this information a higher level of consciousness has to be reached to connect into the other-worldly realms.  Just like any skill, it has to be maintained and strengthened. like playing a piano for example, practice or you will get rusty.

Some Readers will see the information being shown to them as if on an image screen projected to their thoughts, smell unlikely smells, feel sensations within the body that may have been ailments of the loved one, be shown symbols or colours, pictures and more. Even when seeing spirit, spirit may only choose to give a glimpses of their former selves, like their bright blue eyes or a tattoo or style of hair.  Their energy may feel soft or assertive and quite often present their character by sharing the energy they had when with us.

Why don't all Readers use Tarot Cards or Hold Jewelry?

Again, it depends on the Reader, their skills and abilities. Tarot Cards , Pendulums, and holding objects are a Tool of trade. Just like a builder has their hammer. Some readers enjoy using tools and are more connected to spirit and guides by using objects. Personal Objects are able to give off subtle vibrations from their former owners that Readers are able to tune in to, but not all readers can connect into this frequency as it is not their skill set. Readers have spent countless hours fine tuning their individual ability and yes, have probably tried just about every form of reading tool and ways to figure out where their strengths lay. By doing this, the reader finds where their strengths are and continue to use that method forevermore in readings. Cards offer insight that the Reader can connect into the client energy to forecast guidance. And some Readers just use their intuitive ability to tap into the other-worldly realms. Every way of reading is valid and every skill set is just as important as the next. Information will present itself for the client regardless of the way the Reader uses their ability.

What about “Psychic” Readings and predicting the Future?

Some clients are not particularly interested in communicating with spirits but are wanting clarity and insight into their lives here in the physical plane. It is possible to do this and yes, to look into the future. There is also much misunderstanding about “predicting the future” People always want to know “What is going to happen” regarding some particular thing in their life. First of all NO Psychic, can foresee your future 100% set in stone with 100% accuracy…if they say that they can they are not telling you the truth. What we see are; probabilities, possibilities and pathways into your future; opportunities and obstacles, based on where you are at that particular moment of your life at the time of the reading, the choices available to you, and sometimes the decisions you or someone else are most likely to make. 


There is always an unpredictable element a “Wild Card”. Remember that you are writing your future every moment with your thoughts and actions…you can change direction at any time. Your life is the result of a series of choices presented to you, and the decisions that you make based on those choices. A Readers job is to provide insight in to those choices that arise through the opportunities and obstacles presented to you…but the choice MUST be, and always is yours to make.

Ethics of Reading for Clients

Readers should not give medical advise and should refer the client to seek a registered practitioner where necessary. 

Readers should use discretion and terminate a reading if the energy or reading is not moving forward.

Readers should not look into or give insight into any other person/s life situation or relationship status whom are not in attendance at the reading without their knowledge.

Readers should not forecast winnings or financial gain

Readings are confidential. Unless summoned by a court of law.

All readings are strictly for general guidance only.  


All services at Witch & Willow are to assist a person to gain insight into their personal life. Services offered within this sight do not replace legal, medical or professional advise. Please seek the assistance of a qualified licensed practitioner within the appropriate field.

All information provided on this site and during a reading is at the customers discretion and free will to determine if any of the products, services or information provided will best assist them.

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