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Moonology (TM) Diary 2025

Author : Yasmin Boland


The highly popular Moonology™ diary for 2025, packed with tools and techniques for working with the Moon.

Harness the renewing energy of the Moon to manifest your greatest desires, achieve success beyond your wildest dreams and prepare for a magical 2025.

Internationally renowned Moonology™ author Yasmin Boland will show you how to get in tune with the Moon to unlock your full potential and create a life of positivity, fulfilment and joy.

Each week you'll learn how to work with the celestial cycles of the Moon to create, plan and predict changes in your life during this eventful year. Major themes of 2025 include rest, reconnection and renewal.


You'll discover how- the Moon and her nine magical phases can be a source of light and guidance attuning to the energies in each lunar cycle can help you set and achieve your goals to use simple techniques to supercharge different aspects of your life - from finances to romance co-creating your reality with the cosmos can invite magic and even bliss into each week

This essential diary, which sells out every year, charts the key themes of 2025 and includes plenty of space for you to plan your year, get in tune with the Moon and live a life full of abundance!


2025 Moonology (TM) Diary

SKU: 9781788176606
Expected in August 2024
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