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Sun, 14 July


The Witches Charm

Exploring Ouija Boards

Learning about Ouija boards involves exploring their history, understanding the cultural contexts in which they are used, and considering various perspectives on their efficacy and safety. This class would blend historical, cultural, & ethical perspectives to provide a comprehensive understanding.

Exploring Ouija Boards
Exploring Ouija Boards

Time & Location

14 July 2024, 11:00 am – 2:00 pm

The Witches Charm, 458 The Esplanade, Warners Bay NSW 2282, Australia

About the event

With, seasoned Mentor and Teacher: Renata Daniel

Introduction to Ouija Boards

  • Brief history: Origins, cultural significance, and evolution.
  • Definition: What is a Ouija board? Components and how it works.

Historical and Cultural Perspectives

  • Historical context: Spiritualism movement, early use, and popularity.
  • Cultural significance: Different beliefs and practices around the world.

Controversies and Debates

  • Spiritual beliefs: Views on Ouija as a tool for communication with spirits.
  • Skeptical perspectives: Critiques of Ouija as a psychological phenomenon.

Safety and Ethics

  • Precautions: Guidelines for safe use.
  • Ethical considerations: Respect for beliefs and participants.

Practical Demonstration

  • Demonstration: Using a Ouija board in a controlled environment.
  • Hands-on experience: Trying a Ouija board session in a controlled environment, if comfortable and willing.
  • Discussion: Interpretation of results and experiences.
  • Group discussion: Sharing experiences, interpretations, and reflections on the session.

Debrief and Reflection

  • Debriefing: Discussing insights gained from the practical session and addressing any concerns or questions.
  • Personal reflections: Considering individual beliefs, experiences, and attitudes toward Ouija boards.


  • Recap: Key points covered in the class.
  • Reflection: Personal views on Ouija boards and their significance.

Approaching the topic of Ouija boards with an open mind, critical thinking, and respect for diverse perspectives can lead to a rich and meaningful learning experience.

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